Fraserburgh Heritage Centre

Leased by Fraserburgh Heritage Society Ltd.  The Centre is run by volunteers from the society. Sharing the car park with the Lighthouse Museum, Fraserburgh Heritage Centre building* was originally a herring barrel store,  then the foundry of the Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Company Ltd., before being converted in 1998 to a (650m2 ) modern visitor center which illustrates the history of Fraserburgh and its people. Enjoy your time here in this Award-winning Museum created by the local community.

The Museum is planning a special event to mark the 20th anniversary of the automation of Scotland’s last manned lighthouse. Fair Isle South was converted to automatic operation on 31st March 1998. To mark the occasion, the old lighthouse tower of Kinnaird Head will be brought back into operation and manned by ex-keepers for 24 […]

Musuem of Scottish Lighthouses

Fraserburgh is a long, golden, sandy beach starting at the south-eastern end of the town and stretching along the Aberdeenshire coastline to the point where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea.
The beach’s proximity to all the facilities and fine golden sand make it a popular spot for families and there is usually plenty of room for everyone.
There is a substantial sand dune system behind the beach which includes a salt marsh and reed beds and is a haven for wildlife, including many species of wading birds. Lucky visitors might even spot dolphins or whales in the surf.
At the north-western end of the beach there are plenty of facilities for visitors including a car park, a children’s play area, a seashore centre, toilets, and changing rooms. The beach is accessed down a short flight of steps.
There are many more facilities, including eateries, places to stay, and a lighthouse museum in the centre of Fraserburgh, just a few hundred meters north of the beach. Most of the tourist facilities are near the harbour, which is still the largest working shellfish port in Europe.
Fraserburgh Golf Club is located behind the sand dunes that back the beach.

Fraserburgh Harbour is situated in Aberdeenshire in the North East corner of Scotland and is ideally positioned for the fishing grounds of the North and East of Scotland, as well as being in close proximity to the North Sea oil and gas fields and the emerging offshore renewables market. The location also makes it well placed for trade with Scandinavia and the Baltic sea ports.