The 13th hole at Fraserburgh was the inspiration behind the design of the 9th hole at the 2016 Olympics at Rio, Brazil.

Architect Kyle Franz played during winter visits to Fraserburgh. Kyle said ‘I visited Fraserburgh numerous times in winter and the fescue of the mounds was low and tight. It made me think those shots could make for one of the coolest ideas for a green ever’.

Justin Rose, Gold Medalist


I was on that last green, pinching myself and taking myself back to the quote I gave about the Olympics: ‘I hope my resumé one day reads ‘major Champion and Olympic gold medalist. I went out today saying I had to ‘out-Stenson’ Stenson. The whole week, I’ve been so focused, so into it, so up for it. I was so determined to represent Team GB as best as I could. It was just the most magical week, it really was. I’m bursting with pride.”