Health & Safety


The Health and Safety of all our employees, members, guest, clients, customers, patients, contractors, visitors and members of the public, etc. is of paramount importance to Fraserburgh Golf Club.


Fraserburgh Golf Club will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees. It will manage its business in such a way and so far is reasonably practicable that the safety and welfare of persons not employed by Fraserburgh Golf Club are not exposed to risk.

This policy document explains in broad terms, what must be done by everyone within Fraserburgh Golf Club to achieve these objectives.


3.1 Our objectives toward fulfilling this policy are to:

* Concentrate on the elimination of risks to persons, as a first priority, then on risk reduction, prevention of injury and loss due to damage.

* Identify the health and safety hazards and manage those hazards so that the risks are effectively controlled, in accordance with this Fraserburgh Golf Club policy.

* Work to safety standards, which satisfy our statutory requirements and reflect good industry working practice.

* Review and develop these standards continuously and when changes in Legislation, industry practice or technology occur, revise them accordingly.

3.2 We our committed to consult with employees on health, safety and welfare issues by:

* Ensuring that our employees are trained to understand and carry out their job responsibilities. This will involve, but will not be limited to, selection, training, re-training, supporting and continuous assessment of employee performance.

* Continually monitoring this policy by auditing and reviewing its effectiveness in the workplace.


Fraserburgh Golf Club recognises the legal obligations placed on it by the Health & Safety at Work etc act 1974 and other Statutory Legislation, as may be applicable to our undertaking

Our Health and Safety documentation and records are kept in the Managing Director’s office and will be made freely accessible to our employees, members, guests, clients, customers, patients, contractors, visitors, members of the public and persons who may be affected by our operations.

Fraserburgh Golf Club